Undoing aging: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxDanubia 2013

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British biologist Aubrey de Grey talks about a question that people usually try to avoid although it affects all of us. Aging kills the largest number of people and causes many other’s suffering day by day. Searching for a solution, de Grey refuses to think about aging as a disease to be cured. He presents a new idea of maintenance to repair the prime cause of aging: the damages of the human body.

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36 thoughts on “Undoing aging: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxDanubia 2013”

  1. The problem of aging is a physics problem. All damage to the body can be attributed to entropy. It may be possible to repair body systems using a mechanistic approach, but radiant youth will not be established that way. It may be that aging is 100% due to entropy, and that if that entropy was dealt with, the body would revert back to a youthful form. You have to notice the difference between a youthful body and mind and an aged body and mind. The amount of energy flow through the body is the crucial difference. Even the breakdown of the telomeres can be traced down to entropic influence. Korean and Japanese girls have lots of youth because their bodies have more energy flowing through them. Essay: Atoms are subject to rust, rot, and degeneration. However, if you constantly run an electric current through a piece of metal, the process of rusting will take much longer. Running energy through matter can achieve this same result for other substances too. Matter is a high entropy substance, but applying coherent energy to it can make a difference. In our bodies the condition of advancing entropy is temporarily offset by ingesting food, which provides energy to cells and reinforces their structure. Energy is also replenished by the sleep cycle, and by energy chakras that take energy from the sea of energy present in the world and also spiritual dimensions. Matter may not be as connected to vital energy fields, when compared to the human spirit. Matter's connection to energy fields may be weak and objects made of matter may be compartmentalized and mainly cut off, like separated, discrete islands. Pieces of matter have a propensity to rub against each other randomly in the environment (or external energy impacts the matter indirectly from various sources), causing destructive friction and descent into entropic disorder. Energy circulation and influx systems are combating this tendency in the body, but eventually they fail. The deterioration of the telomeres is an example of this, the telomeres eventually decay because of entropy's influence and failure of body energy systems. It seems that the body is not receiving enough energy as it gets older, which is really what causes the breakdown into entropy. The resulting disorder manifests as missing bits of telomere DNA code that pass into evaporation. When available energy in the body is at a low state, it is closer to entropy, and thus degeneration. What the body needs is a constant supply of energy in order to keep it intact. Energy must be running through all parts of the body, every cell and DNA strand, on a constant basis. This is not a simple task. The consciousness of the person must be adapted to permit this, or overstimulation of the mind will lead to madness. The amygdala, or pituitary gland, can receive energy from energy resources that extend beyond our Universe. When a coherent resonance state of energy in the body is reached, time will slow down for the person and even timeless reality can be experienced. Spontaneous teleportation and time travel avenues may open up for a body so enhanced. Entropy may reverse, and negatropy may ensue, which is the state of coherent, high energy resonance, accumulating energy flow, and interconnection. All energy converges at a high energy state, so when enough subtle energy is passing through the body normal parameters of physics will no longer apply. Stability will increase, rather than abate. The process is not without risk, as many phenomena will rapidly be encountered, but who said that living forever would be boring. Once the body is exposed to a high energy resonance reality it may explore various pockets of resonance, that ultimately comprise the energy continuum. In conclusion, energy and the connection to energy fields is the means to immortality. Our body, in its current state of matter, is subject to erosion. Circulation of energy through the body is thus necessary to delay the aging process. The energy has many safe sources, energy from food, sunlight, chi energy, kundalini, energized water, minerals. The answer to longevity will likely not come through a pill or therapy, but by enabling the body to receive enough life giving energy so it is made stable when high energy resonance is attained. Extreme longevity is somewhat the realm of the spiritual hero or science fiction adventurer, but it may be feasible. The implications of supreme longevity are radical. Understanding regenerative Physics is the means to discovering how longevity can be extended indefinitely. Consciousness and its connection to source energy completely circumvents entropy, reversing decomposition and maintaining stability. Deliberate commitment to focused, high energy resonance and interconnection to energy fields can lead to eternal life. Relying on virtually disconnected and detached matter will eventually lead to death. Energy does not have to always flow downhill, it can flow uphill into higher dimensions. The mind is the prime engine of this upwards action. Energy can flow both downhill and uphill, in a feedback circuit of interdependence and escalating dynamics. Once the body and mind are firmly plugged into the spiritual energy flow and are receiving copious energy, the accessible niches of experience are interminable. Opening and exposing the human physical body (or any other piece of matter) to a burgeoning stream of spiritual energy will cause the matter to act in manners that are not typical of its usual virtually sealed off condition. Exposure will strengthen and augment matter so treated. Interconnection is positively correlated with coherence, when interconnection is improved coherence increases. Harmony between interconnected entities is the synthesis.

  2. We don't need to live beyond 100 years as there always will be new people born, do we don't need to hog jobs, take up living accommodation, eat all this food! Stop being selfish, let the new people come on board and do a better job.

  3. See Karyn Calabrese, and others like her, you will see that age-ing as we know it is actually mineral loss and malnourishment. We can make better choices for ourselves to abate most diseases. Love yourself, choose better!!

  4. I have absolutely no fear of death but the long process of degeneration into pain and suffering lasting many years is a grim prospect indeed! This lecture is not about living forever, it's about improving the quality of life for billions as well as life extension.

  5. I don't know about everyone else, but I personally want to live forever just so I can see where humanity goes, with it's technology, politics, you name it. I want to live long enough to see if let's say faster than light travel is achievable, or if there's other alien civilizations out there. I take pride in being human, and I'm proud of all the good we've done, so I want to see how much more good we can do. What's so wrong with that?

  6. Don't think I agree that this IS the MOST important problem as he says..
    He said that we need to force those "Death-resistant cells" to die forcefully to have a healthier body (Example of mice).. If that works, then we'd end up having "Death – Resistant People" which would turn out to be the biggest crisis on Earth. A Tragedy.
    We need death to keep the planet from having catastrophically large number of people. We're already moving towards that direction and this effort just expedites that..
    Death removes the old & aged people from planet and is an important aspect of life.. Not an impediment..
    Its more important to enhance how well we live and not how long.. Just a thought..

  7. I like this but there is one bog problem. Overpopulation. What should be done is to find many habitable planets and be able to travel there then comes the extension of life and stopping aging

  8. Death is not a problem anymore than nature is a problem, more arrogant humans wanting to become gods, death is a part of a cycle that is beyond you, stop trying to change the nature of nature, you are not gods and trying to be will only cast you to the lower depths.

  9. Regardless, we will all age, minute by minute, day by day. The truth is we will die, sooner or later. The trick is to still be active, what I don't want to do is be setting in an old age home pushing a walker up and down the halls. If I am going to die let it be quick. When you reach my age you realize that you are not immortal. Live life to the fullest, don't worry about tomorrow, enjoy the day. "For no man can say with confidence he'll be alive tomorrow." Euripides

  10. The most important thing to do to prolong life is to change. So he needs to change that beard, put on some clean clothes, change.

  11. The answer to ending mortality is definitely either 1) genetically stopping aging or 2) converting consciousness into a form that can be maintained by computers. I personally would like to have both options available, just in case the body, even though aging has been stopped/reversed, dies from an accident.

  12. People should first stop breeding. The last thing we need is less people dying when they are breeding as a favourite past time activity. What would help more than new science is the pollution on this planet. It's rather unfair to those who give a shit about their bodies and the animals of this world. Pollution is a huge cause of aging… as well as the fact that the majority of humans breed, eat shitty foods, and are lazy and don't exercise, are unkind and uncaring, etc. We don't need new science to treat people and prevent them from dying. Our world is created perfectly… humans came and fucked it all up and want science to fix it so that they can continue breeding and stuffing their fat faces.

  13. Funny how all the Guru's, Manifesting Geniuses, lecturers on aging and the like never seem to be youthful or look like a 30 year old, even though many of them talk about how our body rebuilds itself every so many years, how we can speak to our cells and tell them what to do and how it is all mind over matter and so forth, whatever these many aging videos here on the right side of this page speak about. Somebody tell me about or show me photos of One who has taken their old and worn out body and caused it to be youthful again with obvious signs of going backwards with their looks and appearance. I am not skeptical at all about such things, simply wish to see that one person who has worked this magic and who can get the whole World understanding things and transforming their own life after witnessing such possibilities. I am tired of hearing people state that some Guru or Enlightened One can easily turn their appearance back to a young age IF THEY WANTED TO, BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO. Somebody has to step up and step forward and show the way, then we not only reach the tipping point for an evolved society but we actually fly fast over the fence that is skepticism and disbelief into a new Way of life and a better One…….

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