‘Taller – The Strange Case of Sharon Stull’ | True Paranormal Story

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In this video, I discuss a story in which a UFO witness experienced a strange body transformation.

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Author: Beyond Creepy
Source: Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs – Wicked This Way Comes
Video: Background footage filmed/photographed by Beyond Creepy using a Panasonic Lumix

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46 thoughts on “‘Taller – The Strange Case of Sharon Stull’ | True Paranormal Story”

  1. I had a growth spurt when I was in high school. And it was drastic. But I think that the abduction caused some of the junk DNA to kick in and cause these issues of growth.

  2. I'm a clone, have memories of space travel and coming back and everything fucked up, my lungs exploded and the 8 other people with me yelled at me to sit back down, terrified at that moment I curled into a fetal position and woke up at my house and woke up in this dimension.

  3. The craft was egg shaped and witnessed in New Mexico in 1964. Wow! That's the same shaped craft, the same state and the same year Officer Lonnie Zamora witnessed his UFO! I wonder if it was the same craft or a similar craft flown by the same ET group Officer Zamora saw? Things to make you go, hmm…

  4. Altered heights could be the result of genetic manipulation by the aliens. More than a few abductees have testified their captors wanted to gather information on them in order to seed other planets with their (human) kind. To that end, it's a cinch they'd be interested in controlling growth rates and making alterations to suit their needs. To accomplish either, they'd need test subjects, and releasing said subjects back into the wild exhibiting the results of their experiments would be of no concern to them. Critters would be to humans as humans would be to them.

  5. lucky of all I had to go through was some irritation I'd stare at an egg in the sky any day if it meant I could grow taller!

  6. 2.5 inches per year is typical growth for a child? When I was 12, I stood 4'11". 10 mos. later age 13, I reached 5"10" (where I stayed for the next 7 years, and a year later, at age 21, I had grown 2 final inches to my current height of 6 feet). At some point during that year, I had gone to purchased a pair of tennis shoes. Back then, these would typically last about 4 months. As I was wearing size 7, and I figure my foot had grown, I requested a size 9, which didn't come close to fitting. Neither did size 10. The salesman looked at my foot, and returned with size 12.5, which is my current size.

    So, I added 11 inches in height in less than a year, and gained 5+ shoes sizes during a concurrent 4 month period. My eldest brother had been away in the Air Force during that period and nearly attacked me, when I answered the door, thinking I was an intruder. Now you may think this growth spurt was unworldly, but the biggest difference between myself and these "experiencers" is that, as far as I know, I had had no close encounter.

  7. Excellent video! You just got a new subscriber. I have never heard of anyone gaining or losing height because of their proximity to UFOs before & it scares me to think about it. So yeah, gotta subscribe so I can hear more about it. lol

  8. At least for me, this confirms one thing for certain…we have not yet even begun to understand the true nature of our reality

  9. 2 1/2 inches a year is a bit inaccurate. All depends on their age as well. Kids going thru puberty and growth spurts will grow up to 6" or more in a year. My oldest son grew a lot around that age.

  10. 10 year holds go thru huge growth spurts. I dont recall him saying how long it took her to get 4'8" to 5'2". In a year that may be possible but is very unusual for a 10yo girl.

  11. My son was growing 2 inches in a month. His doctor was stumped. At the time he was only 3 years old or so. Now, my son is about 6.5 feet, and still growing. He and I have both seen UFOS all our life, and I have my own abduction memories when I was 7 or 8.

  12. Great video. Not being disrespectful but there reversed engineered craft that give off radiation poisoning. Still a mystery thpugh. Well done.

  13. Are these people still alive and were there any follow ups on their health?

    How did I miss this? My notifications are definitely on.

  14. Was her mother accurate? Was it a growth hormone issue? Were they doing it for the attention? A'll of the above? Did her sister and her friend confirm a sighting?

  15. Hey @Beyond Creepy I've seen a lot of videos about people having encounters with vampires… But they were corny. Can you please have a video about this if there is any truth behind them?

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