RDR2 Good Arthur vs Bad Arthur Doctor & Diagnosis – Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro

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RDR2 High Honor Arthur vs Low Honor Doctor & TB Diagnose Dialogue Comparison – Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro

43 thoughts on “RDR2 Good Arthur vs Bad Arthur Doctor & Diagnosis – Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro”

  1. If you guys know more scenes where the dialogue changes let me know with an answer here, would really appreciate it, currently checking everything

  2. Arthur got tuberculosis that one time when you had to collect money from that one guy and he coughed blood on you and he fell to the ground when I first saw that but then I saw that scene my brother played it I took my brothers controller and shot the guys son and wife

  3. What is the music when Arthur hears voices in his head and walking in the empty streets? I couldn't find it in the soundtrack.

  4. In my play trough I had all bad/coyote scenes until this scene. To me this scene showed Arthur what he could be, that he could be a good man, to me Arthur keep having nightmares about the coyotes, he felt guilt for being bad. After the death of Hosea finally hit him, he wanted to change. He wanted redemption, which leads into the ending with John.

  5. ''who made you the messiah to these lost souls?'' Gives me absolute goose bumps.
    Somehow I like the low honoured one more, it's so deep… But so brilliant, and makes you think about Arthur's actions.

  6. This moment will be remembered for a long timeee. Haven’t seen a game this good ever before. Easily rockstar made themselves a legend on this one

  7. During my play through I managed to stay somewhere in the middle but a little bit more high honour than low, so I just about managed to get the high honour cut scenes. After the diagnosis though I got to Max honour just after moving the camp to the cave.

  8. I had good honour for the whole game, but I kept accidentally getting into firefights in the last few levels and alas, had the bad ending for Arthur. Its depressed me to no end as I really did do the right thing and just ruined it at the end.

  9. there is a side quest like thing; (helping a german family) if you do that, they do pick you up and care for you without getting any money

  10. Wish we got to kill that son of a bitch micah before we died as Arthur. At this point im playing the game just to get 100% completion. Cant believe they killed the best character ive ever played as

  11. This was so sad.I started to take much better care of him after his diagnosis. I feed him as often as I can , change his clothes so he isn't too hot or cold, and I definitely let him bathe and sleep much more than necessary. Changed my whole gameplay.

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