Noam Chomsky: NATO became US-run intervention force

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How did Russia and the West slip back into what seems like the Cold War all over again? How dangerous is the current confrontation? Should the world be ready to face a nuclear war? World-famous academic, linguist, philosopher and political commentator Noam Chomsky is on Sophie&Co.


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30 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: NATO became US-run intervention force”

  1. I agree that at thevend of the seventies, America was the most poeerful, but lets be honest about this, itvwas powerful purely by expansion.
    Where as Russia did stick to the agreement be it by word of mouth or in writing, it is still an agreement, and Not to be ignored because you think you can.
    The re angagement of a cold war stance is purely because of America and its idea that it is the world power so is allowed to dictate to EVERYONE ELSE.
    This is about the most dangerous atitude for anyone to have.
    The concept of a one world government is not one of either a European or Russian thoughts about the future,
    andbthe more everyone learned about thevtrue nature of a one world order, the more resistance is beginning to show, nobody other than the little group of over rich think that this is the way to go, comments such as useless eaters or parasites only go to fuel what is rightfully the rest of the rest of the worlds right to a point of view, again something this small group is more than happy to push aside.
    Any idea that a one world order being the perogative of America, is way out of line.
    The recent events in the U,K really indicate the need to retain our individualility and customs and our own way of life within a framework of continous peace, but this is not what any of us are seeing, in fact we are seeing a puffed up ideal that America is the big boss and is the worlds policeman, when in fact NOBODY EVER VOTED FOR THAT OR INDICATED A NEED FOR IT.
    Even if it had been an idea, it would not have included the right to topple governments thay America desliked and one more favourable to following Americas instructions put in its place, this is nothing more than dictatorship, and no different than Hitler Starlin and all the others that havevtaken this road, and I am glad to say that up till now it has always ended with conflict and happily defeat for that kind of leadership, may it long keep to be the norm.
    Over the last ten to fifteen years we havecseen America meddle in just about everyone elses polatics, while at thevsame time seen freedom and liberty fall apart in America itself.
    World war is most certainly NOT the answer and going down that path only feeds the industrial complex making it stronger still, this is how America till now has made its money, and onevwouldbhave hoped that it had been America itself who realize this to be the case, but clearly the blibdfold and dumbing down has worked there, but is only now begining to show the cracks of common sense opening.
    The rest of the world has only itself to blame for letting America get so out of control, and only the world can regtify that which it needs to do very quickly.

  2. Israel controls the US and constantly pushes us (the US) to war. Nothing's going to change until we get Israel out of our affairs.

    It's time Chomsky acknowledges that.

  3. Germany could change the entire geopolitical situation if they side with the BRICS. Russia has negotiated major energy deals with China, India and Turkey. Germany along with eastern Europe are still major buyers of Russian gas and oil, any other source would be more expensive. NATO would be finished without German support, and the Germans are just about fed up with it already..

  4. Why does RT fall for this fraud by the name of GATEKEEPER CHOMSKY?  What does Chomsky say about nine eleven. Chomsky's father was a Jewish Rabi, and Chomsky went to Tavistock to learn all about control of the masses and deception. 

  5. Obviously, because the bulk or military decision making for the world is done by the US because the US is the only country that has such a huge economy and will spend so much on militarism, and the rest of the West is depended on it and can usually be counted on to fall in line with the US.  It is usually up to the US because it is also removed from the battlefields and so not vulnerable to fears of immediate terrorist retribution, as in bombings and assassinations as has been done too often in Europe and against Western targets in Islamic countries.

  6. By the way, the US has left all its weapons in Iraq with the clear intention for them to fall in the hands of their "best friends" ISIS and ISIL.
    In fact, some people in the USA leadership, had thought of taking them away, using the same Russian route which had been used as a supply route, but tensions between USA and Russia turned that solution into a prohibitive and expensive solution.
    Guess what, Ukraine was exactly on the way back …
    A propósito, os EUA deixaram todas as suas armas no Iraque, com a clara intenção de elas caírem nas mãos de seus "melhores amigos" ISIS e ISIL.
    Na verdade, algumas pessoas na liderança do EUA, tinham pensado em levá-las de volta, usando a mesma rota Russa que tinha sido usada como uma rota de abastecimento, mas as tensões entre os EUA e a Rússia transformaram essa solução uma solução inviável e cara.
    Adivinha, a Ucrânia ficava exatamente no caminho de volta … a casa!

  7. The United States is a terrorist country which sends its CIA agents through the World to keep it at war. ISIS, the terrorist group acting on the ground of Syria and Iraq, is a USA product supervised by CIA; it was trained by Israel ISIS = ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. ISIL is just a byproduct of ISIS.
    Os Estados Unidos são um país terrorista que envia seus agentes da CIA pelo mundo para mantê-lo em guerra. A ISIS, o grupo terrorista agindo no terreno na Síria e no Iraque, é um produto de EUA, supervisionado pela CIA; Ele foi treinado pelos Serviços Secretos de Israel. "ISIS" = "Israel Secret Intelligence Service".
    ISIL é apenas um subproduto da Ísis.

  8. OMG, I'm getting this 10 days after the fact. It seems to me that an archbishop of the NWO just made it clear that the war hawks of the USA have just been excommunicated?  Is my imagination running wild or is this what has happened?

  9. You would think Chomskys' wife or daughter or who's ever in the next room would have the courtesy to close the fucking door to his room while he's speaking to the media and not be crashing dishes around.

  10. Beware people. NATO is military arm of the Zionist, not USA. USA is a farm for Zionist agenda. Watch out for Dajjal, don't be deceived.

  11. Tone of Russia now reminds me the great soviet union dogmas…which was lie and propaganda when 300 million Russians were destroyed,killed,suffering,starving. There are all countries now like the lazy monkeys who hold mines in their hands but one of them is blamed more because he did throw mines around and others just installed them and hide well… covered….so are peacefully monkeys

  12. There all countries and people just slaved by banks who print money and give it with interests to corrupted governments that they put in the colonies like USA,Canada,EU,Russia,China,Iran,India,Australia,Brazil,Argentina,mexico and other lazy brainwashed bum,dumb and raped slaved world countries. Of course when the wars are planned to eliminate them just order their governments,armies,intelligences,all human animals to go to war,destroy and kill each other…and they will do it, go to wars because they are all not just slaves but programmed robots

  13. Chomsky's critique of the US foreign policy is very predictable. But he should not forget about the evilness of Russians and about the right of the Ukrainian people to free from the Soviet regime.

  14. The particularly warped thing about this (the so-called "truth" movement), though, is that the very media outlets, authors and activists who are doing their best to expose the very real conspiracies that are going on – people like Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!, David Barsamian's Alternative Radio, Z Magazine, Norman Solomon and the Institute for Public Accuracy, Noam Chomsky, etc. – seem to have become the primary targets of harassment by the Truthers.

  15. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine there have been dozens of "disturbing military" incidents between Russia and the West. Says a report published today by the British think tank European Leadership Network (ELN).

    Dozens of incidents in the piece described that took place in the last eight months. Examples include violations of airspace or near-collisions in the air or at sea. But the Russians also tried to provoke others. The situation was therefore more dangerous, the researchers write. The Russians intimidated and reconnaissance aircraft flew low over extra warships.

    "Since the annexation of Crimea you can see that increasing the Russian operations," said Major General Frank van Kappen out of service in the NOS Radio 1 News. "The Russians have 500 billion earmarked for intervention. And so you see that they are testing in this way how the defense of NATO works."

      NATO territory

    Three times, according to the British think tank so that the risk of many victims of a military confrontation was 'significant' dangerous. The Russians kidnapped an agent of the Estonian intelligence at a border post in Estonia. NATO territory so. The officer was taken to Moscow and accused of espionage.

    And then there was also that mysterious submarine in Swedish waters. The boat was first seen in the waters near Stockholm. A week long sought it, but the submarine was never found. The Moscow government has always denied that it was a Russian boat.


    It is not just about military incidents. For instance, a collision between a passenger plane from the Scandinavian airline SAS and a Russian reconnaissance aircraft only just avoided.

    "These are dangerous games. If the pilots make mistakes, can something degenerate into an amazing incident," said Van Kappen. "It is a threat to civil aviation, in that the Russians turn off the transponders of the aircraft. As a result, they are no longer visible to traffic."


    "What Putin is trying to achieve with the provocations, is not clear. It is very difficult to estimate," said Van Kappen. "Putin has surrounded himself with a very small group of advisors. All the contradiction that you're normally in a state is disabled. The Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, is an applause machine and free press is scarce. Therefore you you do not judge which side Putin will jump on. "

    Military confrontation has not happened so far. But the scope of the report is clear: Russia is playing with fire. Van Kappen concurs. "For the threats lie on two levels. Of course, we have struggled to find out what exactly Putin's plans, but he also misrekent in the reaction of the West of his actions."
    From: Dutch newsagency NOS, nov. 5th 2014

  16. And those so-called Israeli wicked as hell. If it ain't one thing it's another . U MUTHAFKRS Warmongers…. racist ass fkrs.

  17. Fuck America. …. I hope all of us burn. … Wicked ass Slave Corporation. … Greedy ass pale face White Folk and these fake ass greedy house Niggas Gay fkrs lol. yeah I c y'all. I dare anybody to comment.

  18. The so-called "think-tanks" in Washington are doing everything to use the ultra-manipulated american masses as canon fodder in their murderous global initiative. The need to spread war everywhere because war is still the most efficient method of extermination.Why? Because you simply cannot have an empire with 7bln people, you can't control them!

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