Language of Politics – Noam Chomsky

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MIT Prof. Noam Chomsky on two meanings of political terms, primary principle of international relations, and role of propaganda

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  1. American style democracy and system of government that Americans want to push down the throat of the rest of the world, if necessary by force, broke down a long time ago. When Donald Trump was elected, an old flame who is American sent me an e-mail saying she was in tears and wants to leave America for good! I asked her to list 10 countries she would consider for settlement. This was her list:

    New Zealand

    What I find most amusing is that these countries are all constitutional Monarchies and have kings and queens! 🙂

    Maybe America needs to rewrite its constitution.

  2. That's a good point. The terms of politics are 11111112232334555551111 sniff sniff 1122323 employ sniff leaks 1122 svetlana @ballerina09_lovecats

  3. Here's a translation of Holiday titles.
    happy massacre of workers day!
    Labor day: to celebrate the massacre of workers.
    Halloween: to celebrate marking of the harvest season as scary stuff.
    Thanksgiving: to celebrate National Land Theft and American Genocide.
    Christmas: to celebrate Christianity stealing holiday and made it it's birthday.
    Martin Luther King Day: to celebrate the continuation of blacks been killed after memorial day.
    Valentines day: to celebrate the murder of Valentines.
    Easter: to celebrate Zombie.
    Mother’s Day: to celebrate merchants capitalized a promotion for reconciliation.
    Father's day: to celebrate a complement to mother's day.
    Memorial Day: to celebrate the war for slavery.
    independents day: to celebrate the death of many tribal nations.

  4. I'm afraid DIRECT ACTION is the only way forward that can bring meaningful change rapidly enough to witness in our children's lifetimes (not even before we ourselves die). I think most people feel it simply isn't worth "squandering" their lives fighting for change, since it's the only life they get. So they instead attempt to enjoy their lives "safely & comfortably" to the furthest extent possible under the current deluge of psychological warfare furnished by private tyrannies on a 24/hours cycle. Unfortunately, the ruling class have known this for centuries, dare I say millennia, and have been actively leveraging this knowledge to successfully maintain the current diabolical status quo for nearly as long.

    People would rather live in their tiny, well-furnished cells than step out and risk making their lives even worse at the hands of wealthy & powerful psychopaths who possess the means and know-how to VILIFY and CRUSH even the largest movements. Truly a sad state of affairs in the 21st century.

  5. Such a great video! This is exactly what coercive institutions don't want the people to know. Language is often times a divisive tool and we must learn to see what the reality behind it is.

  6. Ordinary words start out as common property, which can be freely defined, used, related, and compared. When the words become politically sensitive, their meanings are privatized, so that they can only be manipulated according to a pre-chosen system of rules.

    Common words already have an relation which controls how they relate. By creating a fresh word and designating its meaning, they control the way it relates.

  7. even the free market model is flawed with all the assumptions that go along with its premise, the worst being that the market must always expand and that utility (consumer happiness) can be bought at any cost that is possible. as mentioned in the video, though, one of those assumptions is that individuals are rational with indisputably rational choices, which obviously is actively being bent beyond all bounds by corporate entities. yet the model is often used by the very corporations that corrupt it as a kind of protective shield, for they know people would much rather say "i am an able-bodied, able-minded, God-willed (or free-willed) human being who is the master of my own choices" rather than "look, i've been a fool and i've been tricked". a part of this is plain and simple ignorance, but some of it is decisive denial.

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